How To Use Analysis mobile

Start screen

After the program start a list of the last used functions appears (max. 20), the last used one on the top. Choose with the cursor keys (up, down), choose up to 3 formulae with the fire button oder “5” (see below). Then you can select from the menu (softkey “Menu”)


With the menu option “Plot” the graph will be displayed.

Input a function formula

From the menu option “New” or “Edit” the function term can be edited with the 10 number keys plus  # and *. Using the cursor keys (left, right) the cursor can be moved, the key 3 (“Clear”) deletes one character from right.

Use the calculator function

While inputting a formula a valid term can be computed by hitting the “*” key (labeled with “=” in the basic layout). Here a value of 1 is assumed for x. Hitting another key, the displayed result disappears, and the editing of the formula can be continued or finished.

Draw derivations of the function

From the Graph screen the menu options
“1st Derivation” or. “
2nd Derivation” lead to the desired graphs of the derivation. Note: This option is possible only if only one function was selected for the graph.

Draw multiple function graphs

If you choose 2 or 3 functions in the Start screen (fire button or “5” and up/down keys)...

... (Start screen - menu - plot) all functions will displayed simultaneously...

Draw the Superposition

... or their superposition s will be displayed (graph of the sum s of the functions)

(Start screen - menu - Superposition)

Derivation of the function

The blue highlighted function in the start screen can be derivated as a formula:

One of the three derivations can be hooked on the Select formula list:

Or the derivated formula can be displayed as a graph (menu - 2. Plot).

Using the help screen

For every screen there is a short help text available. Scroll through the help text with the up/down key.

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